Where to Find Dandelion in Valheim

Some plants and flowers crossed in the meadow or the black forest have no obvious use at first glance. But they are used as components later in potions and bases of mead as well as in certain cooking dishes.

Dandelion in Valheim is one of the important resources which can be used to create a certain need. This plant is rare which you can find only in a certain biome. If you are interested to know exactly where to find Dandelion in Valheim, do not miss to read the following guide.

Where to Find Dandelion in Valheim

Let us check out here where to find Dandelion in Valheim?

To find Dandelion in Valheim, you have to go to the Meadows biome and search for a plant with yellow flowers. Dandelion has some specific use in Valheim as you will be needing it to craft a Minor Healing Mead. This mead is very important to survive in this game and also you can get some health back when you will be required it the most. 

To make the Minor Healing Mead base, you will need the following items:

– Dandelion x1

– Raspberries x10

– Blueberries x5

– Honey x10

In a game like Valheim, knowing exactly what to do, what to build, what to pick up, and what to store is a huge gain in time and efficiency. Dandelions and thistles fall into this category, if you pick them up on the way and group them in a chest in your base, you won’t have to go pick them up specifically in the woods after tens of hours of play.

The Use of Dandelions

You will need to have created the Forge, the Cauldron, and then the Fermenter before you can use this plant, which has the reputation of making you wet the sheets. 

It is used as a component in many mead bases with invigorating effects, they give life over time in addition to that of food. However, it doesn’t take much. For the record, dandelions grow in the meadows.

The Use of Thistles

This pungent and strangely luminous plant in Valheim can be incorporated into certain mead bases too, such as the very useful potion of resistance to frost (for the mountain) and that of resistance to poison (for the swamp). 

But it is also an ingredient for many delicious dishes like sausages, who knew? You will need at least the Forge and the Cauldron to prepare them.

They are generally more useful than Dandelions and more are needed, so don’t hesitate to store them. For the record, they grow in the black forest.

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