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Where to Find Dahnan Owls in Tales of Arise and Rewards

Where to Find Dahnan Owls in Tales of Arise

If not for the purpose of being a collectible, you would want to get the Dahnan Owls for the rewards they offer. There are 9 owls in total that you can find in the Cyslodia region. If you went for the Calaglia region owls, you know what these are. Stick with this guide and we will show you where to find Dahnan Owls in Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise Dahnan Owls Locations

Here are all the Dahnan Owls you can find in the Cyslodia region in Tales of Arise.

  1. You can find the first own in White Silver Plains. It’s on the way to Messia 224 at the end of the bridge. The reward for finding the owl is Left Eye Patch.
  2. Upon reaching Messia 224, go to the West of Town. Locate the NPC that hands out side quest and has a basket near. You can identify the place with a white cart. Open the basket and you will find the owl. The reward is pair of Wolf Ears.
  3. When you are in Nevira Snowplains, you can get the third owl at the lake that has a boulder at the center. The Owl can be found on the boulder and give reward Wolf Tail.
  4. In Cysloden Alley, go to the fast travel marker and look on the nearby rocks. The owl at this location gives you Sunglasses.
  5. The fifth owl can be found in Riville Prison Tower 2F. Once you are at the location go the room in South and check the shelf for the owl. The reward for finding the owl is Devil Horns.
  6. When you are in Frozen Valley, go to the east to find a quest giver. Near the NPC, there is a tree and the old is perched there. The reward you get is Half Frames.

That’s all we have in this guide. We hope you know all Tales of Arise Dahnan Owls Locations.  

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