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Where to Find Crocodiles Locations in Far Cry 6

Where to Find Crocodiles Locations in Far Cry 6

Crocodile animals return in Far Cry 6. Like other animals, they are also wandering near Yara in this game. Since they can be very dangerous, be careful while exploring the world. They also contain superb resources (meat) which you can obtain from them which can be used to cook meals or you can also trade them at a trader to get a weapon in exchange. If you have no idea where to find Crocodiles locations in Far Cry 6, let’s find out here in the following.

Where to Find Crocodiles Locations in Far Cry 6

You can find Crocodiles mainly in 3 regions in this game – Cortina River, Fernando Valley, and Sabiduria Valley. Make sure to equip a bow before you start collecting meat from them without damaging the resources.

Cortina River

This location you will come across whine you start playing the game. And in this location, you will find several low-level crocodiles. It is in the 3rd Rank area and so Crocodiles are the ideal animals to start your game with.

Fernando Valley

This falls in the 5th Rank area. You should visit this location after visiting a few earlier parts of this game. It is very close to the southwest of your map and you can find several Crocodiles in Far Cry 6.

Sabiduria Valley

The last and final location is Sabiduria Valley where you will find another spawn in the area of Noventarmas which also falls in the Rank 5 zone. However, this location is surrounded by many enemy camps. You will have to eliminate FND forces before you deal with Crocodiles.

That’s all for this guide on where to find Crocodiles in Far Cry 6.

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