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Where to Find Cabal in Nessus – Destiny 2

Where to Find Cabal in Nessus - Destiny 2

When playing Destiny 2 Season of Opulence, you will be required to find and kill Cabal on Nessus. When you log in to the game, you will be sent to locate the Chalice of Opulence. To continue further in the game, you will have to kill Cabal to collect the Chalice fragments. For some reason, the Cabal has the Chalice piece in their pocket. So, if you are like most users and don’t know where to find Cabal in Nessus, we will help you easily find them on the map and terminate them.

Where to Find Cabal in Nessus

Although there are other methods of finding the Cabal, the easiest by far is to chill at Artifact’s Edge and wait for the public event – Mining Laser to show up. During the event, there will be tons of Cabal you can kill and complete the mission in a matter of minutes. Don’t forget to fire a few shots for it to count. Any kills of Cabal on Nessus will count, so you should definitely try this and progress on the Cracked Chalice of Opulence.

Cabal on Cistern


You can also find the Cabal on Cistern. Spawn in at the Pools of Luminance, hop on your sparrow and head to the markers on the map. You will find two pockets of Cabal that are in close proximity, so you can get plenty of kills. In each pocket, you will find 5-7 Cabal. To complete the quest, you would require 10 Chalice. Terminate the first group of Cabal, then head to the second. If you are short of Chalice, return to the first group and you will find a generous amount of RNG. If the pieces take a while to gather, don’t worry, just keep swapping between the two hoards and eliminating them. Their respawn rate is pretty high, so it should not take long.

Cabal in Insight Terminus

If you really want the Cabal, you could try Insight Terminus strike. This is a Cabal themed strike on Nessus that will allow you to progress in the game. While on Nessus, go to your map and queue up for Insight Terminus and play it.  

Final Thought

I hope you can now find the Cabal in Nessus and progress in the quest. So, happy quest and hope you get your hands on the Chalice of Opulence soon.  

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