Where to Find Bone in Dinkum

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Dinkum is a fun farming game that is created singlehandedly by the Australian developer James Bendon. You will be able to make your farm from scratch and decorate your island, but that’s not all. There are a lot of items that you can collect in this open-world game with a randomly generated map. Monsters will be attacking you, so be careful as you roam the land of Dinkum. This guide will take you through the process of where to find bone in Dinkum.

How to Get Bone in Dinkum

Bone has a couple of uses in the later game in Dinkum, so be sure to hold on to them. You can get them through a couple of ways, and there seem to be plenty to go around as long as you explore the map and stay on your toes. Collecting bones will also improve your foraging skill.

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Once you have unlocked your Hunting License from Fletch, you will be able to make weapons and kill animals on the map. They don’t have to be aggressive such as Bush Devils or Crocodiles. You can also get bones by killing harmless prey such as Roos and Turkeys. This is a random drop so you might need to kill a couple before you get a bone.

You can also find bone in places where there are a lot of aggressive mobs such as Diggos and Roos because they will attack each other. You might find the remains of a kill such as a bone or two in the desert in this manner.

However, the easiest way to get some bone is to mine it. In the desert, you will come across some white skeletons on the ground which you can mine to get bone. Simply use your pickaxe to destroy them and pick up the bones you need.

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