Where to Find All The Last of Us Part 1 Tools Locations

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Toolboxes are scattered throughout the world of The Last of Us Part 1 and finding all can provide your weapons with significant upgrades that will ease the campaign. As you start the game, the upgrade options are not present, but you can start upgrading weapons from chapter 4 after you find the first tool box. The game has a total of 5 tool boxes that users can find. Some of the tool boxes have multiple spawns, in case you do not find it at a location you visit. But, even with the spawn locations, it’s possible that you can miss the toolboxes and fail a necessary upgrade, which will make the campaign hard. We will share all The Last of Us Part 1 tools locations.

Tools Locations in The Last of Us Part 1 

The toolboxes are not important just for weapon upgrades, but also if you want to unlock the ‘For Emergencies Only’ Trophy, which requires you to fully upgrade a weapon. Here are all the locations of the toolboxes chapter-wise and also the how to reach the exact locations below.

  1. Bill’s House (Chapter 4)
  2. Garage (Chapter 5)
  3. Sewers (Chapter 6)
  4. Science Building (Chapter 8)
  5. Military Tent (Chapter 10)

Detailed Locations of Toolboxes with Images in The Last of Us Part 1

Here are all the locations of the toolboxes with images, so you can identify the exact location of the tools.

Bill’s House (Chapter 4)

In chapter 4, when you meet Bill and he takes you to the Church basement where he gives you the Nail Bomb and the Pump Shotgun, this is the first location where you will also find the tools. In the basement, move forward from where all the chairs and tables are stacked. Take left and you will find the toolbox. Open it and you will get your first tools that will help with the upgrade. 

Garage (Chapter 5)

After your first fight with the Hunters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania you will find yourself in a garage. Ellie will lift the metal door that opens the garage. This toolbox is hard to miss and you should see it immediately. The toolbox will be available to you at the start of the chapter Pittsburgh – Alone and Forsaken. With this, you have the second toolbox location in The Last of Us Part 1.  

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Sewers (Chapter 6)

The third toolbox can be found at two locations in case you missed it at the first and it’s relatively hard to find when compared to the others. The first toolbox can be found after you ride the elevator that Ellie fixes. Once you are off the platform, look for a storage room that’s on the left. This room has a toolbox. If you missed this tool box, you can find another in this chapter at the end. After you are separated from the others, you will find several infected and the room after that. Get past the infected and into the room. This room has a toolbox.  

Science Building (Chapter 8)

The fourth toolbox can be found in the The University – Science Building in Chapter 8. To find the toolbox, head down the corridor and look for the Lecture Room – Room 205. You will find the toolbox in the room. 

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Military Tent (Chapter 10)

To find the final tools location in The Last of Us Part 1, you need to wait till chapter 10. During the chapter, there is a cutscene, in which Joel will tell Ellie about his time in FEDRA camp. During the cutscene, he will walk near a FEDRA tent. You should be able to see the toolbox on the table in the tent.  

So, there are all The Last of Us Part 1 tools and toolbox locations. Check out the game category for more guides and tips to play the game. 

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