Where to Find All Survival Camps Location in Call of Duty Warzone

There are a total of 10 Survival Camps in Warzone and they are crucial for the bunch of challenge for the new 80s Action Heroes Event. At these locations, you can find the Rambo Combat Bow and the Rambo POW Dog Tags. Both of the gear are require for two separate challenges. Once you find the camps, look for chests and you would find one or both the gear. In this guide, we will show you where to find all Survival Camp location in Warzone.

All Survival Camps Location in Call of Duty Warzone

Before we share the map with the Survival Camp location in Warzone, there is a way you can bring up the location on your in-game map. However, once you have activated the map, it lasts only for that match. In order to access the map in the game, you need to visit the CIA Outpost no. 21 and interact with the map you find inside.

Once you have interacted with the map, the Survival Camp locations would be highlighted on the in-game map. If you need to access the locations again in the next match, you can revisit the CIA Outpost and repeat the process, or keep the below map handy, which is far more convenient.


So, these are all the 10 locations for Survival Camp in Warzone.    

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