Where to find all KGP Files in Contraband Police

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

In the video game Contraband Police, you assume the role of a border patrol officer. As a youthful officer apprentice in 1981, you are given a job at a frontier station in the mountainous Karikatka area. Your every move is watched over and entry into the Acarist People’s Republic is tightly controlled by the party. When one of the actions results in the death of your friend, the situation at the border worsens. So you need to find the KGP Files in Contraband Police.

Where to find all KGP Files in Contraband Police

You will be compensated $100 for each item gathered. The game only contains 14 folders in total. The story will make some data accessible. These documents will be identified as narrative element. 

Border Post 

1. in the security room where the border guard sits

2. In the toilet near the apartment building

Labor camp 

3. at the entrance we should go to the base of left tower and pick up the file

4. Police base:

You must go a little further than the police officer who takes the goods

5. After passing through the illegal goods warehouse, turn right. Once you’ve reached the conclusion, turn right once more. You must enter through the orange receptacle.

Vlad’s tools 

6. On store backyard. To the left of the tools table

7. Sawmill

The boxes on the sawmill backyard

8. Cemetery

A little to the left of the main church is where you should go. After that, take a file and peer at the tomb with a crack. 

9. Camp in the forest

On a wooden bench, File will be lying. There is no visual indicator for this settlement.

10. Old ruins

The story assignment where you need to locate an agent is the best time to take up this file. I should mention that you can take up this file whenever you want. This document is housed in the far-off structure with the black flag on the top. When you enter, a file will be on the desk.

11. Drunker Bear Inn

The story task, where you are looking into a murder, is the most practical time to take up this file. I should point out that after finishing the quest, you are welcome to return at any moment and make up if you missed or neglected to pick up the file.

12. The Cabin in the Woods

In a dilapidated shack hidden behind the containers, the file will be lying. On the diagram, this structure is not indicated.

13. Carat motel

The easiest method to obtain this paper is during the narrative assignment, when you are instructed to investigate the hotel because gunfire have been heard there. I should mention that you can take up this file whenever you want. The document is in a truck’s cargo. 

14. Gavrilov’s hideout

The story assignment where you are asked to spy on Gavrilov is the easiest time to obtain this paper. I should mention that the disk is always available for pickup. On drums behind Gavrilov’s home, the file is lying down.

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