Where is the Best Destiny 2: Beyond Light Glimmer Farm Location

In Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Glimmer (The currency of the City. A form of programmable matter, used both for craft and as a fuel) is considered to be a valuable resource for bountiful harvests. And players are keen to know of the best ways to farm Glimmer in Destiny 2: Beyond Light quick and easy.

And while there are many ways to get Glimmer, its better if you could get it from a prime location at one go.

Where is the Best Destiny 2: Beyond Light Glimmer farm location:

Cosmodrome (a derelict spaceflight complex in the runis of Old Russia) loot cave is considerably the best farm location and can be found in the Divide area of the Cosmodrome patrol area.

Note – The player also needs to be equipped with the right Ghost mod.

  • Firstly go to the Cosmodrome loot cave. It is not a cave precisely but a doorway in which Fallen spawn. Fallen will respawn there continuously as long as players have cleared the rest of the Divide area.
  • Equip the Ultimate Glimmer Booster Economic Ghost Mod.
  • This will increase Glimmer drop collection by 65%.
  • Post that keep defeating the enemies that respawn and this will drop lots of Glimmer. There will also be a lot of rare loots for players to access including Prime Engrams, Blue rarity items, Purple rarity items, and Scorch Cannon, amongst others.

This farming setup will keep on working till Cosmodrome loot cave stays open. However, the Ultimate Glimmer Booster Ghost Mod won’t work after season 15. 

Other Ways to Get Glimmer in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

  • The players can farm more Glimmer with the Ghost mod equipped and by completing some other activities and challenges subsequently.
  • They can also purchase more Glimmer from Spider as well.
  • You can also get some quick Glimmer by dismantling your shaders if you have them in abundance.

You will be chunking through Glimmer to get your hands on some exotic gear amongst other things in the game. And now that you are aware of more ways than one you can get it faster. Happy farming!

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