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Where Can You Find a Lynx in New World

Where Can You Find a Lynx in New World

When you start playing New World, you initiate in one of the four locations – Everfall, Monarch’s Bluff, Windsward, and First Light. You can start completing quests in any of these locations. Cull Lynx is one of the regular quests you can take from the town board in which you will need to find out Lynx in New World. At first, finding Lynx in New World could be a little difficult but, once you know where to search for the pesky mountain cats in Aeternum, it will be easier for you. Here we present a complete guide on where to find a Lynx in New World.

Where Can You Find a Lynx in New World

As far as we know so far in New World, the following are some of the particular locations that have several of Lynx. 

1. One of the first locations is situated in the Widsward Region. In order to find out Lynx in New World, head to the Northwest of any of the Forts in Windsward. The Lynx you will find near level 14, raiding the area.

All you have to do is to stay at this spot and kill as many mountain cats as possible. Usually, the Lynx spawns very quickly, so you do not require waiting too long.

2. The second spot where you can find Lynx in New World is in the forest near Everfall on the Southeast, close to the Shattered Obelisk. Enter into the forest. Lynx should be roaming around.  

Remember that Lynx is the best way to rank up the skinning and tracking skill line. Make sure to collect some red meat and rawhide when they drop. These are some of the rarer items in New World.

That’s all for this guide on the locations of Lynx in New World.

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