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When is Warzone Getting FOV Slider on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S?

When is Warzone Getting FOV slider consoles

FOV sliders are a feature that Warzone fans on consoles have been requesting for a long time. The FOV slider will allow the player to choose the Field of View as per their preference and playstyle. Currently, the game offers the FOV slider to players on PC, but the feature is not available to console players. Before the launch of Season 5, there were rumors of the release of the new feature, but it turned out to be false news. Fortunately, this time we have more concrete evidence about the release date of the FOV slider on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

What is the FOV slider and is it a game-changing advantage?

While this is a highly demanded feature, the FOV slider will not give an upper hand to players in the game (most players). For experienced players, who can adjust the FOV to their exact playstyle, it can be beneficial. Choosing a high FOV vs low has its pros and cons. Here is what you need to know about FOV in general.

  1. A low FOV will limit the visibility of the area as the screen is focused in one area. It is great for aiming and taking out targets as the mark is larger.
  2. With a high FOV, you can see a wide area, but the targets will be smaller, making the mark tougher to hit.

Settings the FOV too high or too low has its obvious disadvantages. For most players, the default FOV or something that balances in between high and low is great. A very low FOV is always discouraged, especially in a Battle Royale game where you have fast-moving targets in close range. If the FOV is set too low, you won’t be able to keep track of the target as it moves around you.

FOV Slider Vanguard

On the other hand, if the FOV is set too high, the target will be too small to take down. You won’t be able to get hits and headshots will be near impossible. Once FOV is included in the game, test the hell out of it to find your ideal settings. It’s all about preference and different settings work for different players. So, there are no best FOV settings for Warzone on the console.

ETA on Warzone Field of View (FOV) Sliders for PlayStation and Xbox

Warzone players on console have been begging for the FOV slider for a long-time, almost since the game first came out. From what we know, the main reason the devs are hesitant to bring the feature to Warzone is due to performance concerns. While low FOV does not have much impact on games, setting it on high can drop the FPS and cause underlying issues like stuttering.

We do not have info on FOV sliders for Warzone specifically, but Sledgehammer’s Senior Development Director Adam Iscove has mentioned that FOV sliders for consoles is a feature that would come out with the launch of COD: Vanguard. As the two games will be sharing a lot of things, it’s anyone’s guess that the same feature may also be introduced in Warzone.

As you can see in the above image, the FOV slider is in Vanguard for PS4 and PS5. If the feature gets released for PlayStation, it would make much sense to keep Xbox users away from it.

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