When is Plunder Coming to Warzone 2

 When is Plunder Coming to Warzone 2

There was a definite fan favourite and immense popularity for the Plunder mode during the original Warzone. Despite having the traditional battle royale mode and the Tarkov-lite DMZ variant, the previous game’s fan favourite Plunder mode was noticeably absent when Call of Duty Warzone 2 was released. This does not eliminate the possibility of the mode being introduced in the future; instead, read further to know more about this in our guide below.


When is Plunder Coming to Warzone 2?

An interesting map flaw recently discovered by a player suggests Plunder could return to Warzone 2. As of now, Activision has not yet revealed whether the Plunder game mode will be included in Warzone 2, and the only game modes available are Battle Royale and DMZ. 

The original Warzone included a game mode called Plunder, which immediately became very popular. This mode sends a large number of players onto the field, but instead of fighting to be the last one standing, players compete to loot commodities around the map, with the team with the most plunder winning.

Collecting cash was a key aspect of the Plunder mode, which enabled you to summon a Helicopter after accumulating a particular amount of cash. Normally, the Plunder icons should not appear in the game if the mode is presently unavailable. Because the user discovered the Plunder icons, it may be assumed that the Plunder will be released in the future.

Keep checking back to see if your favourite game style is coming to Warzone 2 as we update this post as new information becomes available. 

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