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When Is Death Stranding Coming To PS5?

When Is Death Stranding Coming To PS5

Recently, the hit title from Kojima Productions‘– Death Stranding – made its way to PC and had an incredible reception. The initial launch of the game as an exclusive PS4 game was on 8 November 2019, nearly a year later it made its debut on PC. With the launch of the next-gen PS5, players are wondering if and when is Death Stranding coming to PS5.

Although the game is playable via the backwards compatibility, players want to know the release of the game with specific features and performance tuned to the more advanced PS5. Keep scrolling to know what the developers have planned for the game in view of the new console.

Death Stranding on PS5

Kojima Productions is a relatively new company formed in 2015 and Death Stranding is its first title. The game has incredible success on PS4 and the same followed after its release on PC. So, naturally, the developers must have plans for the game on the new console. But, there is no announcement of the game releasing as a standalone.

When Is Death Stranding Coming To PlayS5

But, Akio Sakamoto, the technical director of the studio, said in a conversation with Digital Foundry that the company may think of releasing a PS5 version of Death Stranding soon. But, at the moment we do not have a date or an ETA as to when we might expect the release of the new console.

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