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What is the Sims 4 Date Family Member Bug

What is the Sims 4 Date Family Member Bug

Following the base game update, The Sims 4 players have reported a second significant bug, and this one is a little icky.

The free update this week added a new ‘wants and fears’ system. Sims can now have up to three different ‘wants,’ which are intended to be driven by the Sims’ own traits and relationships. This could include a desire to kiss or ask a crush out.

Simmers have discovered cases where their Sims have a ‘want’ to romance their own family members.

This bug appears to be more likely to occur when two Sims have a close and friendly relationship.

Given the incestuous nature of this glitch, it’s not surprising that many players have not only reported bugs but also shared their experiences on social media and online. A heavily-upvoted Reddit post, for example, depicts a mother having a ‘want’ to ask her son to be her boyfriend.

One user who reported a bug on EA’s Answers HQ page recalled their Sim wanting to ask out his twin sister. Another person mentioned that their Sim wanted to ask her father to be her boyfriend.

SimGuruNick, a team quality designer, addressed the bug on Twitter, saying they were working on a fix. The post said

“I just wanted to acknowledge that the Want to date a family member is something we know about,” the post said. “We’ve reproduced ourselves, we’re working on it. We’re working hard to get it fixed as soon as possible, and we appreciate all of the bug reports.” Of course, we’re also working on the ageing bug.”

Characters’ desires can be classified as long-term, short-term, or reactionary. Character fears develop over time and are related to the traits of your characters. You can turn off fears and desires if you really want to avoid the incest bug.

SimGuruNick, a Sims 4 Quality Designer and Twitter user, acknowledged the bug and stated that the team is working to fix it. Another issue that the Sims 4 team is working to resolve is the ageing bug, which causes characters to rapidly progress from toddler to senior.

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