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What is the Best Field of View (FOV) for Battlefield 2042?

What is the Best Field of View (FOV) for Battlefield 2042

Field of View is an important subject in battle royale type multiplayer games like Battlefield 2042. While the FOV varies from one user to the other, there are a few middle grounds that would minimize the caveat while providing you a competitive advantage. The default FOV in Battlefield 2042 is very low. I am not sure what it was before I changed, but I think it was somewhere around 30. There is no problem if you prefer to play the game with the default Field of View, but a more customized FOV to your playstyle will give you more advantage. Keep reading and we will share the best Field of View (FOV) for Battlefield 2042.

Best Field of View (FOV) for Battlefield 2042

As we mention, there is no universal best FOV as it depends on the preference and playstyle of the player. When choosing the FOV, you need to pay attention to two things – a low FOV increases your focus and makes targets larger – a high FOV encourages visibility but makes the target smaller.

When you set a low FOV, your visibility is more focused, but this can cause problems tracking fast-moving targets in close range, but it enhances your aim and visibility. A high FOV on the other hand includes the scope of view. You will see a wide area on your screen. You can spot enemies coming at you around a wider area, but the enemies will appear smaller, hampering the aim.

So, you need to choose the best settings so you can take advantage of both situations. I personally prefer the range of 70-80. My current FOV is set at 73, which serves me well and should be ideal for most users who are unaware of the effects of FOV in the gameplay.


However, I made a post on Reddit to check what other people have set and it seems that the best FOV for Battlefield 2042 among experienced players is 90. The second best is 80.

No matter the FOV you choose, ensure to try it out. As the best settings vary from one user to the other.   

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