What is Modern Warfare 2 Invasion mode

 What is Modern Warfare 2 Invasion mode

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s Invasion mode is a massive 20 v 20 PvP mode, where players battle out for the points. Invasion mode is a massive team deathmatch where players need to battle players as well as AI to score points.

Invasion mode is not only PvP but also PvE, there are 80 total players on the map of which 40 are AI. The game is now a 40 v 40 battle where each team will consist of 20 AI and 20 players. 

Invasion mode is very good for farm weapon XP points as killing AI or enemy player will give weapon XP.

What is the goal/objective of the Invasion mode?

Invasion mode in Modern Warfare 2 is a totally new mode which has a massive map to battle the enemy team. In this mode, there is a total of 40 players and 40 AI soldiers. The teams are divided into 20 players and 20 AI soldiers, a team of 40 on each side. 

The main objective of the mode is to reach 1500 points before your enemy team or higher points than your enemy team when the timer runs out. The points are a very important thing as they will determine who wins or lose so how a player can get them?

The AI soldiers when killed will provide only 1 point and the player can not get a killstreak when they kill them. The enemy player when killed will provide 5 points and the player who killed them continuously will get a killstreak. A kill streak is an important thing because it will provide a multiplier to the points earned.

Players can receive 5 points for destroying killstreaks and vehicles as well.

Also, the AI soldiers will get upgraded armour after some point of time in the battle but the points from killing them remain the same.

As the Invasion mode is set up in a massive area, there will be vehicles which players can use to get to various places on maps. After some time in battle, Armoured vehicles will be dropped for each side to use, then armoured light tanks and sometimes occasional airdrops. 

There are 5 maps available for Invasion mode:

  1. Sa’id
  2. Sariff Bay
  3. Santa Sena
  4. Zarqwa Hydroelectric 
  5. Al Bagra Fortress

These maps can be found in other multiplayer modes but they are expanded massively to suit the Invasion mode.

In Invasion mode, players can receive weapon XP points so this mode is very good to farm those. Weapons XP can be gained by killing AI soldiers and enemy players in Invasion mode. 

That’s all you need to know about Invasion mode in Modern Warfare 2. It is a good mode for players looking for some fun team deathmatch mode but a little casual. 

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