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What is Fall Guys Cheater Island

What is Fall Guys Cheater Island

Are you wondering what is the Fall Guys Cheater Island and do you need to be concerned about it. If you are a cheater, then, sure, it’s a concern but otherwise, nothing to worry about. A Cheater Island is a special place in Fall Guys created by the developers to combat cheaters in the game. It’s a heavenly place where all the cheaters compete against each other to win a normal trophy tainted with guilt. Stick around and we will tell you all there is to know about the Fall Guys Cheater Island.

Everything You Need to Know About Fall Guys Cheater Island

Fall Guys community manager has been on a vacation for a while and with return, they share a story on Twitter about the rise and fall of Cheater Island.

Cheaters have been a major concern for games launched in recent times with games taking drastic steps. Some of the heavily affected game include the COD Warzone, Valorant, and the recent addition Fall Guys. All games have taken stern measures to combat cheater, from Valorant launching its own anticheat, Warzone banning anyone even with little suspicion and ultimately banning innocent players. But, Fall Guys in its usual humorous fashion takes a different route.

Mediatonic has created a Cheater Island where the matchmaking automatically pairs all the cheaters to compete against each other. When the system detects a cheater, it flags the players and is sent to the Cheater Island to play with other cheaters. This is a surprisingly new way to combating cheating in the game. Here is what the developers said on Twitter.



At the launch of the cheater island, the Fall Guys system was very tolerant and did not immediately banish a cheater, instead, the developers hoped cheaters would give up their unruly behavior, but as the game progressed and cheaters kept on cheating the threshold reduced.

Currently, if you are caught cheating in a game, you’ll be able to complete the game and when you try to launch the next game, the matchmaking will automatically transfer you to the Cheater Island. The servers for Cheater Island are located throughout the world and for a such an island or match to start there should be enough or the requirement of 40 cheaters from the region.

If the limit 40 cheaters is not reached in the region, the Cheater Island won’t be created.

There were a lot of loopholes when Cheater Island first launched, such as the cheaters leaning up with fair friends to escape being tagged as cheaters and family-sharing.


That’s all you need to know about the Fall Guys Cheater Island. Happy tumbling.

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