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What is Attack and Special Attack in Pokémon Unite

What is Attack and Special Attack in Pokemon Unite

Pokémon Unite is released now on the Nintendo Switch and its mobile version will be released later. One of the first and important things you should learn is about Attacks in Pokémon Unite. As you level up in the matches, you will gain the skills to learn new attacks. Throughout the matches, you will have to take care of the two different attacks stats – Standard Attacks and Special Attacks. If you have no idea about both attacks, check out the following complete guide.

What is Attack and Special Attack in Pokémon Unite

As we have mentioned, there are two different types of attacks players can use during the matches of Pokémon Unite. The Standard attacks are based on their Attack stats, on the other hand, Special attacks offer damage mainly based on their Special Attack stat.

While using Special Attacks, players need to use certain items that help to boost up Special Attack to increase overall damage.

Following are some of the Standard Attacks:

– Absol

– Lucario

– Talonflame

– Garchomp

– Snorlax

– Charizard

– Machamp

– Crustle

– Greninja

– Cinderace

Following are some of the Special Attacks:

– Venusaur

– Gengar

– Alolan Ninetails

– Pikachu

– Cramorant

– Zerora

– Slowbro

– Eldegoss

– Wigglytuff

Once you know in which category your favorite Pokémon fall into and about which state you will need to boost up, it will be easier for you to select attacks.

Pokémon in this game are differentiated into two different groups: Special Attacker and Physical Attacker. It is very easy to tell apart because of their denomination on the selected screen. However, it is important to note that, the game considers all base attacks that you can check by pressing ‘A’ on your Nintendo Switch.

That’s everything you need to know what is Attack and Special Attack in Pokémon Unite.

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