What Happens after Death in New World

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Although your main goal in New World is to be immortal, you have to die at some point in time, and that is for sure. However, if you’re a die-hard fan of New World, once in a while you must have thought about what happens after death in New World. Are there any consequences when a player dies? Does the player get a sort of debuff? Or what exactly happens when a player dies in New World? If you’re also curious to know, let’s find out below.

What Happens after Death in New World

There are two ways you will die in New World – Player Vs. Environment OR Player Vs. Player. Let’s find out details on each cause of death.

Player Vs. Environment

If you will die of any creature, enemies, fall damage, or any other element, then your equipment will lose a certain amount of durability. That applies to both your inventory as well as your items. So, it is advisable not to cart too much unnecessary armor or weapons if they’re not in the use.

Also, it is recommended to load off some extra gears from your inventory every now and then. Always stash some extra gears or you can also sell them at the Trading Post or at Salvage.

Player Vs. Player

When you progress in the game, at one point, you will be able to play Player Vs. Player (PvP). You will have 3 factions to choose from. For this, you need to toggle PvP ON in order to play with other players in an open world. So, if you don’t wish to play that way, you may continue to play solo. However, you are still eligible to take part in other faction-related activities such as PvE missions. It will also earn you faction tokens.

However, the penalty in PvP is quite lower than PvE. When you die in PvP, you will only lose experience and nothing else. It is advisable to take maximum benefits from fast traveling points and towns if you want to escape enemy players.

That’s all for this guide on What Happens after Death in New World.

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