What Does KP Mean in Apex Legends and How to Max it?

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

One of the very well-liked free-to-play hero shooter games – Apex Legends Season 10 is already out and fans are enjoying this game to the fullest. However, many new players are wondering and don’t know about the term ‘KP’ in Apex Legends. If you also don’t know about it, here we have prepared a complete guide as KP plays a very important role in Apex Legends. We will also learn the max amount you can earn and how to do it.

What is KP in Apex Legends | How to Get and Max KP

KP means (Kill Points) that is included in the calculations that appear after every game you play in ranked Battle Royale Mode. If you want to earn more RP (Ranked Points), you must earn first KP.

A player can get any combination of max 6 KP (Kill Points) per game that can either come from assists or kills.

Let’s understand it in a simple manner. Keep these 3 terminologies/points in mind:

1. KP (Kill Points)

2. RP (Ranked Points)

3. AP (Arenas Points)

You will need to obtain RP to increase the ranks. In Arenas Ranked, it is called AP.

In order to improve RP, you will need to play several ranked matches and you have to accomplish it well by getting assists and kills. So, eventually, assists and kills will multiply your RP – The overall term for the kills and assists multiplier is KP 

For instance, if you’ll finish a game with 3 Apex Legends KP, it means you have got a combination of a total of 3 Kills and Assists. 

In Ranked, you’ll earn some additional points for every kills and assists up to a max of 6. That means, your KP will be maxed out at 6 Kills and Assists or any other combination of the 2.

Hope this guide is helpful to understand what does KP means in Apex Legends and How to Max it.

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