What Does Hierarchy Of Needs Guidance Ring Works in Destiny 2

 What Does Hierarchy Of Needs Guidance Ring Works in Destiny 2

Bungie’s Destiny 2 is famous for bringing something new every time there is a new update in the game. The first-person shooter game keeps bringing exotic weapons to the armory, and one such weapon that has been added is the Hierarchy of Needs Bow, which is obtained from the New Dungeon Spire of the Watcher. Players may already be aware of that every exotic weapon in Destiny 2 comes with a distinguishable perk that makes it different from the other items. Hierarchy of Needs Bow comes with the Guidance Ring, which ultimately is the perk of the weapon. Now the question arises What does the Hierarchy of Needs Guidance Ring Work in Destiny 2? In this guide, we will be explaining everything about the Guidance Ring and how it works.

Hierarchy of Needs Bow

How the Hierarchy of Needs Guidance Ring works

This exotic weapon creates a guidance ring after building up energy from precision hits and kills, the arrow shot through this ring deals more damage. There is a gauge that needs to be filled in order to activate the ring; to fill the gauge, you have to kill an enemy with a non-precision hit; it will give you one unit of gauge fill. The second one is to kill an enemy with a precision hit, giving the players two units of gauge fill; if the players hit the enemies with a precision hit without killing them, it will give one unit of gauge fill. Once the gauge is filled, the ring will be created automatically. If an arrow is shot through the ring, it will transform into three arrows, two additional arrows along with the one that has originally been shot, giving the enemies triple damage.

The Guidance Ring

To conclude it is one of the best updates in Destiny 2, and that too it can be unlocked easily. Follow the above guide and give your enemies some hard times by creating that ring and giving them triple damage, to do that players must fulfill the conditions before only then the ring can be created. Go and conquer your enemies.

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