What are Twitter Gold and Blue Ticks

Mycle Ahir
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Since Elon Musk has taken a step into Twitter, there are a lot of major changes occurring on the platform and the most common change that was noticed is an $8 subscription for verified ticks (blue tick) for verified users. 

In addition, a recent change has occurred on the platform which now enables accounts to classify their identity through various verified ticks which come with blue, gold, and silver. Some accounts which previously had blue ticks are now appearing with gold ticks.

Let’s see how these tick checkmarks differentiate from each other:

• Gold verified checks are linked to the accounts with official businesses & companies.

• Whereas blue checks are for individuals. Those who are individuals will appear with the blue check. 

Moreover, Twitter changes the blue tick to a gold tick for the company’s accounts.

See what Twitter’s official blog from Patrick Traughber (@ptraughber) says about this:

Read the full blog from Patrick Traughber

How to Get Twitter Gold and Blue Verified Ticks

According to the information shared by Twitter. To get a Gold and Blue verified tick on Twitter, the following criteria must be fulfilled.

  • Your account details must be complete, with a display name and a profile image.
  • Your account must have been active in the last 30 days.
  • Your account must be older than 90 days and have a verified phone number.
  • There must be no recent changes to your profile photo, display name, or username in your account.
  • No evidence of being dishonest or misleading.
  • No evidence of platform manipulation or spam.

Although, the verification ticks feature is rolled out in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom only but Twitter is planning to make it available to other countries as well.

Twitter is growing and has a lot of new sign-ups every day. There’s a lot of confusion around Twitter Gold and Blue Verified ticks. This blog is to serve as a guide to help you understand the difference and the usefulness of these features. So if you found our information worthy, then please share it with your loved ones, and also leave a review in the comments.

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