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What are the Best 420mm Coolers and Cases in the Market?

With time, PC components have grown a lot more powerful. Computers have become a trillion times more powerful in the last 50 years. And, the growth isn’t stopping anytime soon. Tech companies in something called “Moore’s Law”. Moore’s Law refers to Moore’s perception that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles every two years, though the cost of computers is halved. Moore’s Law states that we can expect the speed and capability of our computers to increase every couple of years, and we will pay less for them.

We used to have PC components that didn’t even require heatsinks once upon a time. Fast forward to today, 360mm AIOs are the staple. With more powerful components like Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake processors, Zen 4 processors, and DDR5 memory standard, PCs are going to become powerful. And with great power, comes the need for better cooling.

420mm AIOs are the new standard. Although the number of products and the adoption rate is almost zero today, we can easily see them as the upcoming industry favorite.

What’s special with 420mm coolers?

Heat sinks work by redirecting heat flow away from a hot device. They do this by increasing the device’s surface area. Thus, the higher the surface area the more will be the heat-dissipating power of the cooler. This is why we have seen a shift of liquid coolers from 120mm to 240mm to 280mm to 360mm and now to 420mm.

Also, 420mm radiators support three 140mm fans as compared to three 120mm fans with 360mm coolers. Although 120mm are the industry favorite, the benefits of 140mm fans over them are noteworthy.

120mm vs 140mm fans

Here’s a table that will help you to point out the differences between 120mm and 140mm fans:

The lower CFM of 120mm fans gives better static pressure, so it’s not a deal-breaker.

What are the best 420mm AIOs out there today?

In June 2022, there is only a handful of 420mm AIOs out there.

1. Corsair Hydro X XR5 420mm

The CORSAIR Hydro X Series XR5 420mm Water Cooling Radiator delivers extreme custom cooling performance, with a 30mm radiator thickness and premium copper core. At a price tag of 89.99 USD or 7,599 INR, this is easily one of the best-performing 420mm radiators out there.

2. Arctic Liquid Freezer II 420mm

At 119.99 USD for the entire AIO, the Arctic Liquid Freezer II 420mm is another strong contender in the new 420mm AIO lineup.

3. Alphacool Eisbaer 420mm AIO CPU Cooler

Alphacool was one of the earliest to introduce a 420mm cooler into the market. With the existence of the Eisbaer dating back to 2017, this is easily one of the best choices in this new growing segment. At a price of around 160 USD, this is a bit on the expensive side.

4. Corsair iCUE H170i Elite Capellix 420mm

The Corsair H170i Elite Capellix 420mm is their new entry in the 420mm lineup. It was announced alongside their 7000D case earlier this summer. It is a bit on the expensive side at a price tag of 13,300 INR or around 180 USD. But, with the freedom of customizable LED sync through the Corsair iCUE software, the extra bucks are worth it.

What are some of the cases which support 420mm radiators?

Being in the extremely early stage of adoption, 420mm radiators are still used by delicacy builders. Builders who make their custom parts to build some of the most extreme PCs in the market. Thus, cases which support 420mm rads are extremely rare, and those that are out there cost a premium.

1. Corsair 7000D/X

Corsair’s 7000D Airflow is a mammoth of a computer case. It has all the extreme features for the absolute extreme setups. It was launched earlier this summer. The 7000D is everything a builder would need, along with out-of-the-box support for 420mm radiators. However, it costs a premium of 25,599 INR or almost 350 USD.

2. Corsair 1000D Obsidian

The Corsair 1000D Obsidian is the behemoth dream of any builder. It can simultaneously host two epic systems, or in simple words, two 420mm radiators. However, this delicacy comes at an extreme premium of over 42,000 INR or over 540 USD.

3. Thermaltake Core P3

The Thermaltake Core Px series cases are some of the extreme when it comes to showing off your premium water-cooled builds. The Core P3 is the second entry in the Core Px series after the Core P1. The P3 boasts support for up to 420mm DIY or AIO cooler.

4. Thermaltake Core P5

The Core P5 follows the Core P3. It is even more extreme and supports up to 420mm radiators.

5. Thermaltake Core P7 TG

The Core P7 has one awesome design language with open-air extensions to the main chassis. It supports multiple 420mm radiators.

6. Thermaltake Core P8 TG

The Core P8 Tempered Glass edition is another behemoth of a case. It supports up to 18 120mm fans.

7. Thermaltake Core P90

The absolute king of showing off your build, the Core P90 is another delicacy of a case. It also supports 420mm rads.

8. ASUS ROG Strix Helios

The ROG Strix Helios is one large and bulky case. It supports all the things a builder would need, up to 420mm rads.

9. Thermaltake Core X9

With its cube-shaped cases, Thermaltake is back. The Core X9 is a rather distinguished case. It supports dual 420mm radiators at the top.

10. Thermaltake View 37

The View 37 is unique in its own style. It is another case that you can use to show off your rig. It also has 420mm rad support.


420mm rads are the definite future. But, it is still in its early stages, of adoption and existence. So, it definitely costs a premium.

Is it worth it? Definitely yes. Should you get it? Depends on how much you can spend and how extreme your build is.

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