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Warzone’s Buy Station Glitch Causes the Game to Crash

Warzone’s Buy Station Glitch Causes the Game to Crash

Players have warned others of entering the Buy Station in Warzone because of a new glitch that crashes the game on console.

Warzone has been in the center of crashes and bugs lately. With the Festive Fervor event in full swing, there has been more traffic than usual and, plus, more bugs.    

Recently, players of the popular FPS have run into some problems while playing Warzone on the console. The glitch happens when players use a Buy Station to get the equipment or help a teammate, but end up having the game freeze up and they ultimately get kicked out entirely.

Some players have reminisced that it reminded them of a bug like this a year ago.

Sadly, this bug isn’t confined to just consoles, as even PC players have stated that the game crashes for them too.

There have also been players who experience the frame rate going down, even without accessing the gas station. Some recommend restarting the game, while others just uninstall and reinstall it.

It has not yet been acknowledged by the game development team, but the more prominent the glitch, the more traction it will get to get a quick fix.

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