Warzone XP Bug Persists After Season 5 Update

Tim Blisz
Tim Blisz

The Warzone XP bug first appeared in Season 4 of the game and has continued to haunt players. Dedicated players spend countless hours grinding the game and not getting the right XP can be frustrating. While the bug was present in much of Season 4, players were hoping the new game update would include the fix for the problem. But, less the 10 hours since the patch went live a number of players have taken to Twitter and other forums to disclose their frustration with the game and the Warzone XP bug.

The bug appears when you are in the lobby post-match. The in-game XP after a match does not match what you get when you are at the lobby. This is making it almost impossible to progress the level to the max in the game.

While the problem was highlighted in Season 4, Warzone has always had issues with XP and 2XP. Even in Seasons 2 and 3, the 2XP did not work as intended for Prestige Rank. Modern Warfare on the other hand has no issues with 2XP through all its modes. Even the 2XP works fine in Cold War. But, in Warzone both XP and 2XP have always had issues.

Warzone XP Glitch

While sometimes the XP may work as intended, other times it may not work. The difference between the XP you get at the end of a match and when viewed in the match summary is what is the most frustrating. You can get 40K XP in a match and when you check the match summary it can be as low as 5K.

The 2XP is even more broken than the 1XP. Many players have wasted double XP weekends grinding the game only to be affected by the Warzone XP glitch. Players were eagerly waiting for the new season to bring some sort of relief to the whole issue, but it seems the Warzone XP bug continues even after the Season 5 Update.

We hope that Activation would get to the bottom of the issue. Meanwhile, we will keep an eye on the situation and update the post accordingly.      

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