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Warzone Welgun Challenge Still Not Tracking as of 19 January 2022

Warzone Welgun Challenge Still Not Tracking as of 19 Jan

A bug was reported by players of Call of Duty: Warzone, where the unlock challenge to get the Welgun SMG was not tracking their progress. There have been several reports from fans of Warzone where they would play as many rounds as possible, only to realize that the tracking system is stuck or unable to load the rounds left. This has left many players frustrated, as buying the Welgun with money was out of the question if you could get it for free, even if it meant some grinding.

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The issue players faced in Warzone was while playing the Plunder game mode, where the challenge is to get 10 kills in a single match with any SMG while also aiming down sight. This should be done 15 times to achieve the ultimate weapon, the Welgun SMG.

According to the posts, there seems to be no issue of this in Vanguard, as players could easily attain the gun there than in Warzone.

Raven Software was aware of the issue and tweeted the following response.

The problem that players face now is that the fix has still not been issued, as it has been 6 days since Raven Software had announced that they are providing a possible fix for it.

Some fans have taken it upon themselves to sort out some sort of temporary fix, as Reddit user u/urquellGlass has stated in their post that may be changing the attachments and not using a blueprint SMG seemed to help them.

For now, the issue is still under investigation according to the Trello Board posted on January the 13th by Raven Software, but there is no announcement of any fix in the coming days.

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