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Warzone Still Crashing, Freezing, and Black Screen on Xbox after Jan 13th, 2022 Update

Warzone Still Crashing, Freezing, and Black Screen on Xbox after Jan 13th 2022 Update

Xbox players of Warzone Pacific have been one of the most affected with issues ever since the launch of the Caldera map. While PS players have had issues of their own, most of them have been resolved in yesterday’s patch including the “Content package is no longer available” error. For users on the Xbox, Warzone is still crashing, freezing, and black screens are widespread. It seems the game has deteriorated to an even worst state for some players as they face constant crashes every two games.

Among the Xbox devices, the Xbox Series X is the worst affected as some players are unable to launch the game at all on Xbox Series X. Here is what we know about the issues so far.

Warzone Pacific Crashing With or Without Black Screen on Xbox Devices

There isn’t a specific situation when the game crashes, it’s quite random and everywhere. No matter if you are editing the loadout or searching for a game, the game crashes. These issues with the game have persisted since the launch of the new season in Warzone and have become worst since the last update. Here are some of our past articles with some luck one of them may help you.

While there is usually a fix for most of the things that the devs screw, in this case, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do but hope that Raven and Activision take note of the problem faced by Xbox players and patch it in upcoming patches. Here are some user reports in the last 24 hours.

It’s even frustrating as the devs have failed to acknowledge the issues faced by the Xbox Players. The game Trello board has failed to take note of the issue. We will keep an eye on the situation and update when the devs acknowledge the issue and provide an ETA.  

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