Warzone Season 5 Next-Gen Update is Fake News

Harry S
Harry S

Update: Below is the article we did yesterday that suggests that the Season 5 update in Warzone is finally bringing the next-gen update, but since the article was published it’s been reported that the news was fake and the link used to assume the information was created by a third-party and not Raven.

Published: 4 Aug

Activation is going through a lot over the past few weeks with the ongoing lawsuit against the company filed by the State of California for a toxic workplace, gender discrimination, among other things. The president of the company stepped down yesterday. But, the ongoing issues with the company have not impacted scheduled releases for the various games under the Call of Duty franchise. Recently, the COD Mobile Season 6 launched with soon to follow new Zombie game mode for mobile.

And now, there are rumors of a dedicated update in Warzone for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Some of the expected features of the update are performance boosts to match the hardware of the next-gen consoles. Warzone is still running on a version of the game that’s meant for PS4 and Xbox One. Features that would most likely be available after the update are the FOV slider, faster load times, SSD, and more.

Users have long been waiting for a dedicated update for the next-gen console. The bubble on the upcoming update was broken by a curious fan of the game. Twitter user @BreadisModding followed a short link to the website and the URL read, “call-of-duty-bocw-warzone-season-five-patch-notes-next-gen-launch.”

This is enough to suggest that a next-gen update is planned by the company. So, come 12th Aug 2021, the Season 5 Warzone update would include a next-gen update that improves the game experience of PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.    

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