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Warzone Loadout, Gunsmith, Armory Bug in Season 6 Update

Warzone Loadout, Gunsmith, Armory Bug in Season 6 Update

Warzone has received its final season until it returns back to Season 1 with Vanguard. While the update brings some great things from map changes, new weapons to operators, every update screws some aspect of the game or introduces a new error code. There are reports of the Plunder being removed with the update and now, users are reporting the Warzone Loadout, Gunsmith, and Armory bug in Season 6 Update.

Like most bugs, the current issue in Warzone does not affect everyone, but a large number of players find themselves unable to load their saved loadout. If you are affected by the bug, you won’t be able to enter the armory to pick your saved game setup.

Some players also report being kicked to the Menu Screen when they attempt to interact with the Armory. Rebooting the game, deleting save files, and other go-to fixes do not make a difference to fix the Warzone Armory bug.

The good news is Raven is aware of the current issues with the game and is working on a solution. Here is the tweet with their acknowledgment.

While Raven works on the issue, a YouTuber has come up with a solution. Before you try the fix in the video, you should know that it has a 50-50 chance of fixing the issue. The video helped a lot of players, but quite a lot of them were disappointed as well. But, it does not hurt to try.

If the video did not help, unfortunately, your only hope is that the patch from the devs arrives sooner. They are aware of the problem and as it’s affecting such a large number of players, the patch should arrive soon, probably with the Warzone Haunting Halloween event.     

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