Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone: Ghost of Verdansk Kali Sticks are OP, Needs Nerf

Warzone Ghost of Verdansk Kali Sticks are OP, Needs Nerf

Call of Duty is one of the most popular gaming series worldwide. Every game of this series is almost equally popular and Call of Duty: Warzone is no exception. It is one of the most popular battle royales of the present time. Bugs and errors are not a new thing in COD: Warzone. Despite its huge popularity, Warzone is famous for glitches and bugs.

The glitches and bugs appear frequently and make the game unplayable. These bugs ruin the gameplay experience of the players. Recently, a bunch of new issues appear, and again the players become confused and frustrated. In Twitter and Reddit, players are constantly complaining that the Kali Sticks suddenly become so powerful that they can kill a person instantly. Some of them posted videos of the kali Stick becoming powerful with a caption that says “Kali Sticks are totally balanced.” Undoubtedly, it is a sarcastic caption. Players are wondering that how is it possible that Kali Sticks are so powerful to beat a gun!

Players are expressing their indictment on Twitter as well. They are constantly requesting Raven Software to fix this issue as soon as possible. But there is no reply from Raven Software. We don’t even know if they are aware of this issue or not; if they are working on it or not. They are totally silent, so we cannot even say that if they are going to nerf Kali Stick or not.

With this issue another issue also popped up, that is after the 6th update players are visible on the radar, even after using the Ghost Perk. Usually, when players use Ghost Perk, they become invisible. But this latest update has a bug that made the Ghost Perk totally useless. Players are expressing their anger in various forums regarding this issue as well. But the fortunate thing is, this time Raven Software says that they are aware of this issue and they are working on it.

Even though how long it’ll take to fix the issue is still unknown, but it is a good thing that they at least know about this issue unlike the previous one.

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