Walter “Heisenberg” White Might Come To Multiversus in 2023

 Walter “Heisenberg” White Might Come To Multiversus in 2023

If you actively follow the gaming news, you probably know that 2022 ended with various vital leaks. Horizon Forbidden West, GTA 6, and various important announcements made the end of 2022 one of the last few years’ hottest periods in the video game industry. Surprisingly, the start of 2023 also brings us positive gaming news. Read this article, and you will find out Why Walter Heisenberg might come to Multiversus in 2023.

Walter “Heisenberg” White in Multiversus

Rumors about adding Walter “Heisenberg” White to Multiversus appeared when Player1stGames decided to congratulate their audience on the New Year. After that, user @MrWhite4MVS replied to developers, “The only way I’ll have a good 2023 is if we see Walter White join MultiVersus that year.”

The Senior Character Artist Dan Eder decided to reply to this comment, “Expect good things,” meaning that Walter “Heisenberg” is likely to be added to the game soon. Even though there is no particular release date for this hero, it seems that it is expected to appear as the primary reward in Season 3.

You should take into account that Heisenberg is one of the most awaited characters in Multiversus nowadays. People even create Reddit and Twitter accounts dedicated to asking developers for the new hero. Therefore, developers will try to get as many benefits from releasing the skin as possible.

That’s it with the Walter “Heisenberg” release for Multiversus. Also, read articles about the new Star Wars game and other guides on our website. Here you can find out much exciting information about your favorite video games.

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