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Vanguard Zombies Graphics Bug that Turns the Game into Matrix Movie

Vanguard Zombies Graphics Bug that Turns the Game into Matrix Movie

Since its launch, Call of Duty: Vanguard has been riddled with bugs. Most of them have been tackled by Raven Software and Activision, but players are finding out more bugs as the days go by.

Recently a Reddit user by the name u/curiousmind011 posted about a glitch on the r/CODZombies Reddit page. In the video, they show that while playing the Zombie campaign, their entire screen had turned into a multicolored nightmare.

One user commented that the scene closely resembled the sets of The Matrix.

In the end, the player could not finish their initial run of the game because of the bug. Many players have stated that this better be their last run of the Zombie map.

Recently the bugs have just increased right after the release of the much-awaited Festive Fervor event, where players couldn’t visibly see the Krampus that comes for them.

So far there has been no word from the game developers if this bug will be fixed soon or will eventually go away on its own after the event ends.   

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