Valorant Omen Agent Guide: How to Play as Omen

Valorant Omen Agent Guide: How to Play as Omen

As with the beta, currently the number of Agents in Valorant is 10, but we can soon see an addition and maybe more as the game matures. Omen is one of the most sought Agents in the game and come with its own unique ability defined by its class. There are four classes of Agents in the recent FPS from Amazon Games Studio, namely Duelists, Initiators, Sentinels, and Controllers. Omen belong to the Controller category and can be a handful for enemies when you know about its skills and abilities. In this guide, we will detail you all about Omen, his class, and brief you on the various classes in the game.

Omen Agent Class in Valorant

As mentioned, there are four classes in the game and all Agents fall within them. Omen belongs to the Controller class. Let’s have a look at the various classes.

  1. Controller – This class of agents are crucial for a win. They slice up the enemy territory and set up the allies for success. They can be a handful for enemies as they can hinder the progress of the enemy with Walls, slows planted in the ground, and Smokers to block the vision.
  2. Duelists – These are fraggers and aggresses of the team. They seek out battles and take the first charge.
  3. Imitators – A very useful class, they are responsible for intel gathering that’s crucial to push through enemy grounds and drive them away.
  4. Sentinel – Agents of this class are defensive experts.They usually stick at the back and watch the team’s flank.

Omen is a Controller and now you know the agents role in the game. Now, let’s go over some tips and tricks to playing as Agent Omen. But, before that, here are the abilities of Agent Omen in Valorant.

Abilities of Agent Omen in Valorant

The agent omen has three categories of abilities – Signature, Purchasable, and Ultimate. As you would assume, the purchasable ability has to be purchased with real money in the game. Here are the abilities.

Dark Cover (Signature)

Dark Cover is the signature move of Agent Omen. It fires an orb that can obscure the sight of the enemy and comes in two modes – Phaser and Normal. The ability has a cooldown of 30 seconds and you can change the charge to increase the distance it travels.   

From the Shadows (Ultimate)

Truly an Ultimate ability, From the Shadows allows omen to teleport anywhere on the map and appear as a shadow at the destination. If killed, Omen return to its original location.

Shrouded Step (Purchasable)

An optional skill that you have to purchase, it allows Omen to teleport to a marked location on the map.

Paranoia (Purchasable)  

A shorts of weapon, it sends out an ethereal shadow that can pass through walls and blinds any opponent it touches.

Tips and Tricks to Play as Agent Omen in Valorant

1. Keep the Enemy at Bay

With unique ability to teleport anywhere in the map, Omen can be handful and always stick in the mind of the enemies. He will have the enemies looking over their shoulder and of good reasons. It can be distracting and create opportunities for others in the team. As Omen, it’s your job to create as much trouble you can for the enemy. Keep changing the tactics and this will create paranoia in the minds of the opponent leading them to doing things that won’t do normally or shouldn’t do.

2. Don’t Play Safe

Omen appears as a shadow wherever he teleports, which gives him an advantage in most situations. His abilities make him more of a risk-taking player. I agree sometimes the risk you take may not pay, but overall you are going to have some great advantages in some games.

3. Help Team with Fights

As we know, Omen has the ability to be anywhere on the map, this gives him a unique advantage to surround the attack. You can attack the enemy from two different points on the map, making life heal for the opponents. Knowledge of the map and communication with the team are crucial in accomplishing this feat.

4. Create Flanks

With the skills of Omen, he can teleport behind enemy lines and create flank opportunities. However, the enemy will know that you are teleporting and this can create additional troubles when the plan is not thought through.

5. Use Paranoia for Close Encounters

So far, we have only taken advantage of Omen’s Ultimate ability. Using Paranoia, you can severely impair the vision of the enemy to take advantage in a gun fight. As the orb can pass through walls, you can activate it from the safety of a cover and come out guns blazing at the enemy. However, a downside, if the enemy is not touched by the orb and you expose yourself, it could be the end.

6. Use Smoke to Your Advantage

One of the abilities of Controllers is to use smokers to blind or hinder the sight of enemies. This will force the enemies to enter a location visually impaired and when they emerge from the smoke, if their sight is not turned to the right direction, it can create an opportunity and an easy picking.

7. Use the Teleport Ability Wisely

Omen has the ability to teleport vertically, which may not be expected by the enemy and it can create an opportunity to take them down. Teleport is a great ability and as you play the game and experiment with it, you will find it one of the most useful tricks that Omen has. If you are hurt or trying to escape the enemy, you can teleport into cover. Using the Shrouded Step, you can teleport short distances and make a quick kill early on in the game. You are limited by your imagination.

So, that’s all in this post, in the Valorant Agent Omen guide, we hope you have learnt all about the character and are ready to take on opponents.