Valheim Sword vs. Axe | Which is a Better Option

Valheim Sword vs. Axe - Which is a Better Option

Valheim has a wide variety of weapons from swords, axes, hammers, maces, bows, daggers, harpoons, etc. However, two of the best weapons for close range melee combat is the sword and axe. As such, players are torn between choosing a sword or axe. As the resources are limited in the game, you may face a situation where you can only craft one of the two. We have provided a Valheim Sword vs Axe, so you can make a decision.

Valheim Sword vs. Axe | Which is Best

While we are presenting a comparison of the Sword and Axe, the two tools in the game have completely different purpose. One is used for gathering resource while the other is a tool for combat. Swords are great in fights, especially when you are able to craft something as powerful as the Blackmetal Sword. The axes on the other hand can be used to chopping trees, but can also be used in combat. Here is a comparison of the Valheim Axe and Sword.

The Axe and Sword in Valheim

Axes and swords in Valheim both deal slash damage and the power level also matches when we compare the axe and sword made from the same metal such as the Blackmetal Axe and the Blackmetal Sword. In that sense, the axe is superior as it can be used for chopping down trees and also deal with the mobs that may venture in your path.

However, the axe is slower than a sword in combat and does not have parrying. The axe is also less durable than a sword. Besides the Battleaxe, all the other axes are not great for defence and you would require a shield with the axe.

The sword on the other hand is a weapon made for battle and has the quality of being one of the best weapons in the game. It proves you with an extra attack ability, it’s quicker than most weapons, allows block, parry and attack. Almost all metal in the game allow you to create the sword starting from Bronze to the Blackmetal. We still do not know if you can make a sword from the Flametal found in the Ashlands.

In a nutshell, that’s the Valheim Sword vs Axe. The axe is great for general use to chop trees and to deal with low-level mobs, but if you want to do serious fighting, the sword should be your weapon of choice.    

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