Valheim – Quick Tips to Start

Valheim is a survival game based on the Viking mythology. As with most survival games, you need to understand the mechanics of the game before you can master it. Valheim is an incredible entertaining game with quests, bosses, and crafting. We have gathered the common questions users have before starting the game. So, keep scrolling to get the answers to your questions.

How to Find Merchant in Valheim

You can find the merchant in the Dark Forest Biome. When the merchant is close approx. 1.5 Km a coin bag marker appears on the map. As there are over 20 locations where the merchant or the vendor can spawn, you cannot pinpoint the exact location of the merchant. For each player, the merchant can be in any location. Search the forest on islands, but not the starting island. Even though rare, some players also find the merchant on the starting island.

What is the Best Way to Farm Stone in Valheim

The best way to farm stone in Valheim is to unlock the Pickaxe. You unlock the Pickaxe after killing the first boss the Eikthyr. If you are picking up stone one at a time, you’ll never have enough to build all the things you want. Hence, unlock the Pickaxe first.

How to Defeat Bonemass in Valheim

Bonemass can be handful and a lot of players have difficulty mainly due to its quick regeneration. Going against the Bonemass solo and winning is impossible. To defeat the Bonemass in Valheim, if possible, have multiple players and have bronze+ maces, bronze+ shields, and poison resistance potions. To tank the damage use dear meat, sausages, and sea serpent. You will still have damage even after the poison resistance potion, but the HP will fade less quickly.

How to Recover Items from Deeper Water in Valheim

To recover the items from the deeper water in the game, build a small bridge and get into the water, spam E and it should work.

How to find the second or better bow in Valheim

If you are currently at the Crude Bow, you need to first unlock Bronze and the Bronze Axe, then, chop down a birch tree using the Bronze Axe. You need fine wood to unlock the next bow.

How to Upgrade Workbench to Level 4

In order to upgrade the Workbench to level 4, you need to have Fine Wood and Bronze in your recipe and you need to build the “Adze,” similar to Tanning Rack in the previous upgrade.

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