Valheim Obliterator – How to Make

Valheim Obliterator - How to Make

The new interesting and exciting update of Valheim – ‘Hearth and Home’ is out recently and players are enjoying it a lot as it brings new features and content, including new furniture, weapons, food, building pieces, mechanics, optimizations, and many other things. Besides, some new changes and improvements have also been added in this new update. And Obliterator is one of the new items which you should not miss to get. If you don’t have much space in your inventory and if you want to destruct certain unwanted items, then Obliterator is the perfect solution.

How to Make Obliterator in Valheim

Hearth and Home – The new update is released on 16th September 2021 bringing a lot of new content, especially for housing. Players are keen to make the only method to destroy unwanted items you don’t need anymore. However, it is pretty easy.

In order to make an Obliterator in Valheim, first of all, you will need to collect the following materials.

– 1x Thunder Stone (This is the new item and you can purchase it from the Trader for 50 Gold Coins)

– 8x Iron (You can collect Iron from Crypts in the Swamp biome)

– 4x Copper (This item you can find in the Black Forest)

– 1x Forge (You will get it anywhere nearby)

Once you collect all of these materials, then go to the Crafting Menu, then go to the ‘Crafting’ tab and make it. And that’s it. Now you’ve your destruction machine.

In order to destroy any item, you only need to click on it to eliminate it permanently. For this, open up your inventory and select those particular items which you don’t need, and keep them in the Obliterator and the items will get destroyed immediately. 

That’s all for this guide on How to Make Valheim Obliterator.

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