Valheim – How to Tame Wolf and Bore

Valheim - How to Tame a Wolf and Bore

While hunting is a crucial part of the game, nothing beats having the resource at your disposal. You can hunt all types of animals in the game and also tame them. By taming the animal, you can make a farm with them and multiply them. When required, you can get food as well as other resources from the animals. Bore is one of the most sought tameable animas in Valheim. However, you can also tame a range of other animals such as a Wolf. Keep scrolling through the post and we will show you how to tame Wolf and Bore in Valheim.

How to Tame Animals (Bore) in Valheim

In order to tame any type of animal or a bore in Valheim, the process is similar with the difference of food. The basic resources required to tame animals are Hoe, Wood, and Vegetables. 20 vegetables such as Berries, Mushrooms, Carrot, etc. should be sufficient, while you should have about 30 Wood. These numbers can vary depending on certain factors and are not exact. Here are the steps you can follow to tame animals.

  1. Use the Wood to make a flat surface for the Pen. When building the Pen with Round pole Fences, aesthetics is not of importance, but the Pen should not have holes. The pen should also include a door for the animal to enter and exit.
  2. Once the pen is made, drop the vegetables depending on the animal into the pen. For the Wild Boar, you can keep berries, mushrooms, and carrots.
  3. Now, search for the Boar and when you see it, place the Pen at a location. Approach the Boar and it will automatically attack, run towards the Pen and ensure the Bore is following you. Once they are in, make sure to get out and close the door without them leaving.
  4. It takes close to an hour before the animal or the bore is tamed. You can complete other things in the meanwhile. After the bore is tamed, you can pet it in order to make the animal happy.

To feed the Bore further drop the food on the ground.

How to Tame Wolf in Valheim

Like most of the other animals, the Wolf can also be tamed and bread. You can follow the same process as above. To tame the Wolf in Valheim, you require meat. You can either throw the meat in the Pen, place the Pen in a location where the wolf would come by and wait or attract the wolf to the pen by putting yourself as the bait, the latter is riskier, but works.

Valheim - Tame Wolf Guide

Once you have tamed a wolf, breeding is better than trying to tame another. Unlike other animals, a tamed wolf will follow you and help you with fights when required.

So, that’s how you tame a wolf or bore in Valheim. Check out the game category for more informative guides.      

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