Valheim – How to Summon Thor | Thor Easter Egg Guide

It was recently discovered that besides Odin disguised as a grim reaper, Thor also makes an appearance in Valheim when the conditions are right. But, unlike Odin, Thor is not so discreet and when he appears he is hard to miss. So, if you are wondering how to summon Thor in Valheim, there are certain thing you can do. While the spawn is not a hundred percent guarantee, some tricks boost the likelihood of Thor spawning. Here is what you need to do.

How to Summon Thor in Valheim | Thor Easter Egg Guide

To summon Thor in Valheim, you need to ensure that it’s a stormy night with thunder. There is no specific requirement in the game that you need to meet for the Norse dog to make an appearance, but it’s been noted that defeating the Moder increases the likelihood of Thor swamping in the cloudy, dark night of Valheim.

However, it you are lucky like several other players, you would be able to see the god prior to Moder and even before the third boss. Thro appears in a chariot with two horses pulling the chariot. There are single streak of distinct lightening that come out of the cart as he rider across the horizon. When you see it you will know, you have seen Thor.  

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