Valheim – How to Make the Stone Cutter

Valheim – How to Make the Stone Cutter

The Stone Cutter is Valheim is useful for making a lot of things. Among them is the Sharpening Stone, which is a rare material required to upgrade the Forge to the final level. While other building items in the game are useful you would want to continuously get new items to make better weapons and tools to help you survive in the increasingly dangerous world of Valheim and its biomes. Mid-stage in the game, the stone is a crucial material used for all sorts of things from building to weapons.

With the Stone Cutter you can mould the humble stone into various weapons. Once you have crafted the item, it opens up a new menu for you to craft things in Valheim. Hence, keep scrolling and we will show you how to make the Stone Cutter in Valheim.

How to Make the Stone Cutter in Valheim

If you are looking to build a sturdy home that’s immune to various mobs in the game, it’s best to build it using Stones. The Stone Cutter allows you to build building structures of stone and for the purpose of crafting. You can also make stone walls and floors with the tool.

Before you think of making the Stone Cutter, you need to unlock it by acquiring Iron in the game. You also need a Workbench to make the tool. The resource required to build it includes the following:

  1. 10 Wood
  2. 2 iron
  3. 4 Stone

Once you have the resources gathered, to make the Stone Cutter in Valheim, choose the Hammer from Inventory and go to the Crafting tab. Select the Stone Cutter to build it.

So, that’s how you build the Stone Cutter in the game. You need the Smelter which requires 20 Stone and 5 Surtling Cores, which is used to make scrap iron and the blueprint for the Stone Cutter is unlocked.

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