Valheim – How to Kill Fenring

Valheim - How to Kill Fenring

Fenring is a mob type in Valheim that’s highly aggressive and resembles a Werewolf. The Fenring is a nocturnal creature that prowls in the darkness in the Mountain biome in Valheim. However, if you risk the danger of encounter and killing it, there is reward that you will not find anywhere else. If you manage to take down the best, it drops the Wolf Fang and Fenring Trophies. The fang of the Fenring can be used to make the Wolf Foot Protection among other things. So, keep scrolling and we will show you how to kill Fenring in Valheim.

How to Kill Fenring in Valheim

As mentioned earlier, the Fenring can only be spotted in a full moon night. You will know when the beast is near with a unique howling sound that distinct from that of a wolf. As wolfs are also a part of the Mountain biome, listen carefully and make the distinction. Having a tamed wolf with you will help in this situation.

If you didn’t know already, the tamed wold performs like a companion VPC that follows you around and attacks your enemies. The Fenring is big and brown, walks on two feel and resembles a human-wolf mixture from a distance.

If you are looking to kill one for the Wolf Fang and Fenring Trophies, prowl the full moon night in the Mountain biome and listen to the unique howling sound. When you hear it, move in the direction and you will encounter it.

Once you encounter it, you should know that the Fenring has two types of attacks – a swing attack and the second, a launch at you and a swing and slam. Another important thing to remember when fighting the Fenring is that they heal very fast especially in a melee combat.

To kill the Fenring in Valheim, for the most part, dodge all attacks and use the best weapon both ranged and melee on you. When the beast crouches, that’s an indication that it’s going to launch at you with the type two attack. Prepare yourself to move out of the way. This is a difficult beast to defeat, you need to have all the best weapons, healing potions, armor, and everything on you. The best strategy is to try and kill the best in a group with your friends. Dodge the attacks and while it’s busy with others, keep attacking it. Don’t let it rest or it will quickly heal after a parry.

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