Valheim – How to Craft Potions (Frost resistance, Poison resistance, Minor stamina, and Tasty)

Valheim - How to Craft Potions (Frost resistance, Poison resistance, Minor stamina, and Tasty)

Potions play a crucial role in Valheim from warding you against cold, poison attacks, healing ability, and more. To craft the potions in the game, you require the Cauldron set up over a fire. Once you have chosen to craft the potion recipe mend base, take it to the Fermenter for fermentation. It can take a while for the potion to ferment. Once done, the potion is ready for use. Currently in Valheim, there are six types of potions that we know of – Minor healing potion, Medium healing potion, Frost resistance, poison resistance, minor stamina, and tasty. You can refer to the linked guides for Minor and Medium health potions.

Valheim - Cauldron

All the potions require you to first unlock the Cauldron. To unlock the Cauldron, you need to find Tin. You need 10 Tin to build the item and it requires a campfire or other sources of fire under it for it to work. Once you have the Cauldron and placed on fire, simply open the craft interface and start making potions. The cauldron cannot make the potion instead the Mead Base.

Valheim -cauldron recipes

You need to take the Mead Base to the Fermenter to make the potion after fermentation. Simply select the potion you want to make such as Frost resistance, Poison resistance, Minor stamina, or Tasty. Ensure that you have all the materials or resources required to make the Mend Base for the potion. The Mend Base only takes a few seconds to prepare, then, take the mend base to the Fermenter.

The Fermenter takes a while to make the potion out of the Mend base. It can take 15 minutes or more depending on the potion.

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you know everything about making potions in Valheim.    

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  1. I already crafted the cauldron, but there is no frost resistance showed. Any spesific area to craft that item ?> thanks

    1. Hi,

      We have added the Coldron menu to the post. Please check, does it match the one you see. Then, the second option should be Frost Resistance.

    2. Can you see the other potions? Have you built the Fermenter?

      1. I have the fermenter and I can see other potions. I just can’t see the frost resistance mead.

        1. Just making a guess here, but have you defeated the Bonemass. I won’t put spoilers here but, the next biome and boss is in the Mountain biome where the Frost Resistance would be used. It would make sense if the recipe is not unlocked until you have reached the stage.

          1. All you had to say X is unlocked after the third boss

          2. At the time we were not 100% sure if that unlocked it.

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