Valheim – How to Craft Basic Items, Weapons, Armor, and Resources – Complete List

Crafting plays a crucial role is Valheim like other survival games. In the game, you can craft everything from the basic requirements for survival to advanced weapons and armor. There is also the option to craft potions for fast travel and much more. However, in this guide, we will focus on crafting basic items, weapons, armor, and resources in Valheim. To find an item, simply press Ctrl + F and type the name of the item. Another thing to note, most of the time, if a Hammer is required to craft an item, you would also require the Workbench to place the item. With that cleared up, here is how you can craft various items in the game.

Crafting Basic Items in Valheim

Here is list of basic items you can craft in Valheim.

How to Craft Hammer in Valheim

The Hammer is one of the most used tools in the game and is required to craft and destroy all basic items such as bed, chest, iron chest, Firepit, and more. To craft the Hammer, you require 3 Wood and 2 Store. It can be crafted at the TAB Menu.

How to Craft Bed in Valheim

The bed is where you lie down after a day of hard work, it’s your spawn point in the game. After you have made the Hammer, this is the first thing you should make. To craft the Bed in Valheim, you require 8 Wood and the Hammer is used for crafting.

How to Craft Chest in Valheim

Chests are used to store items that you don’t need currently. They are another thing you should aim for within the first hour of the game. To craft the chest it requires 10 Wood and is done with the Hammer.

How to Craft Iron Chest in Valheim

The Iron Chest is an upgraded version of the Chest and servers the same purpose, which is to store items in the game. To build or craft the Iron Chest you require 8 Wood and 4 iron. It can be crafted with the Hammer.

How to Craft Firepit in Valheim

The Firepit can be used for a lot of things from cooking food and potions, getting warm when cold, and to sleep nearby. The resources required to craft the Firepit includes 2 Wood and 5 Stone. It can be done by the Hammer.

How to Craft Cooking Station in Valheim

Like the name suggests, the Cooking Station can be primarily used for cooking, but you can also get coal out of it. If a food is not consumed, it turns to coal which can be later used. To craft the Cooking Station, you require 2 Wood and can be done with the help of the Hammer.

How to Craft Workbench in Valheim

The Workbench is one of the most important items in the game essential in crafting and repairing. You can use the Workstation to repair weapons and armor. They also come handy for building purpose and much more. To craft the Workbench, you require 10 Wood and can be done with the help of Hammer.

How to Craft Charcoal kiln in Valheim

If you require coal, the second place besides the Cooking Station to get it is the Charcoal Kiln. You can burn wood to derive coal from the item. To craft the Charcoal Kiln, you require 20 Stone and 5 Surtling Core. It can be made with the help of a Hammer.

How to Craft Forge in Valheim

The Forge is used for crafting and repairing all items such as weapons and armor made of copper. TO craft the Forge, you require 4 Stone, 4 Coal, 10 Wood, and 6 Copper. The Hammer is used to build the Forge.

How to Craft Smelter in Valheim

The Smelter uses coal as fuel and is used to change the ores of metals like iron and copper to bars. It’s needed in the game as the minerals are found in ores state and you need to make bars out of them to use them. To craft the Smelter, you require 20 Stone and 5 Surtling Core. It can be crafted using the Hammer.

 Crafting Tools in Valheim

ToolResource RequiredHow to CraftUse
Antler pickaxeWood x10, Hard Antler x1WorkbenchAllow you to mine the first ores.
Bronze pickaxeCore wood x3, Bronze x10ForgeMine ores, better than Antler pickaxe.
Iron pickaxeWood x3, Iron x15ForgeMine ores, better than Bronze pickaxe.
Stone axeWood x5, Stone x4WorkbenchAllow you to cut trees. Basic axe.
Flint axeWood x4, Flint x6WorkbenchAllow you to cut trees, better than stone axe.
HoeWood x5, Stone x2WorkbenchFlatten, lower or elevate the grown. Build dirt paths.

Crafting Weapons in Valheim

WeaponResource RequiredHow to CraftUse
Wooded clubWood x5TAB MenuFirst basic weapon.
Wood shieldWood x5Workbench              Allow you to block incoming attacks. Basic shield.
Banded shieldWood x5, Iron x8ForgeAllow you to block incoming attacks.
Bronze swordWood x2, Cooper x15, Tin x4ForgeMelee weapon.
Cooper knifeWood x2, Copper x8ForgeShort and fast melee weapon.
Flint knifeWood x2, Flint x4WorkbenchShort and fast melee weapon. Basic knife.
BowWood x6, Hide x4WorkbenchBasic bow.
Wood Arrow x20Wood x2WorkbenchBasic arrow.
Fire Arrow x20Wood x2, Resin x2WorkbenchPut enemies on fire doing damage over time.
Flinthead Arrow x20Wood x2, Flint x1WorkbenchMore damage than wood arrow.
Ironhead Arrow x20Wood x2, Iron x1ForgeMore damage than flinthead arrow.
Flint spearWood x5, Flint x4WorkbenchLong weapon. Basic spear. It can be thrown.
Iron longswordWood x2, Iron x25ForgeStrong weapon with different attacks.

Crafting Armor in Valheim

ArmorResource RequiredHow to CraftUse
Leather capHide x6WorkbenchHead protection.
Bronze helmetCooper x6, Tin x4ForgeHead protection.
Horned bronze helmetCooper x6, Tin x4ForgeHead protection. The same as bronze helmet but with horns.
RagsHide x3WorkbenchBasic chest armor
Leather armorHide x12WorkbenchChest armor. Better than rags.
Troll hide armorTroll hide x20WorkbenchChest armor. Better than leather armor.

Crafting Resources in Valheim

How to Get Ancient seed in Valheim      

To get the Ancient Seed you need to visit the Black forest biome. It is dropped by Greydwarf Brute and Shaman. Besides as an enemy drop, you can also find them in chests, but the spawn rate is relatively low.

How to Get Blueberries in Valheim

To get the Blueberries, you need to visit the Black forest. Look all around the forest and you should find plenty of them on bushes.

How to Get Coal in Valheim

The coal is not a resource you find in the biomes of the game, instead, you have to craft it using Charcoal kiln or burning food in the cooking station. So, to get the Coal in Valheim, either let the food on the Cooking Station burn or make it using the Charcoal Kiln.

How to Get Copper in Valheim 

To get Copper in Valheim, you have to visit the Black forest. Like all resources that are minerals, the copper is also found in the Black Forest and you need to mine Copper Nodes to derive the resource.

How to Get Dandelion in Valheim           

To get the Dandelion in Valheim, you have to visit the Meadows biome and the resource is found on the ground. You need to keep looking and eventually you will find them. They are plentiful in the biome.

How to Get Feather in Valheim 

To get the Feather in Valheim, you can get it from both the Meadows and Black forest biome. They are quite difficult to find. You will first have to spot birds and kill them with the arrows to obtain the Feather.

How to Get Flint in Valheim       

Flint is an important resource as you can make weapons out of them such as Flint Arrows, Flint Spear and Flint Knife. To get Flint in Valheim, you will have to visit the Meadows biome. They are found near rivers and sea. Look for the Flint at the shore of rivers and sea.

How to Get Greydwarf Eye in Valheim  

The Greydwarf Eye is an important resource for creating a range of items. You can find the resource in several biomes such as Meadows, Black forest, and Swamp. The only way to get the Greydwarf Eye in Valheim is to kill the Greydwarfs.

How to Get Hard Antler in Valheim        

The Hard Antler can be found in the Meadows biome. To get the Hard Antler, you will have to defeat the first boss in the game – the Eikthyr boss.

How to Get Hide in Valheim      

Hide is obtained from Deer. To get Hide in Valheim, you will have to kill deer which can be found in Meadows and Black Forest biome.

How to Get Mushroom in Valheim

Mushrooms are an easy to find resource. They grow on the ground and can be easily collected. However, an easy way to find the Mushroom is to visit the dungeons in the Meadows or Black Forest biome.

How to Get Raw Meat in Valheim           

There are several ways to obtain raw meat. One of the most obvious ways is to kill the animal and derive meat. But, you can also farm the animal such as Boars for a continuous and unlimited supply. To farm and animal, you first have to tame it. Both the deer and bore can be found in Meadows and Black Forest biome.

How to Get Resin in Valheim     

Obtaining Resin requires a bit of work as they are dropped off Greydwarfs. To get the Resin in Valheim, you have to kill the Greydwarfs found in the Meadows, Black forest, and Swamp biome.              

How to Get Stone in Valheim

Stone is found throughout the game, but picking them one at a time will never be enough. You can use the pickaxe to break large rocks into smaller pieces. To get stones in Valheim, either collect it from the ground, mine stone rocks using pickaxe, or get it as a drop from Greydwarfs.

How to Get Tin in Valheim

Tin is an important resource required to unlock the Cauldron, which is used to make potions. To get Tin in Valheim, visit the Black forest and mine tin nodes.

How to Get Troll Hide in Valheim            

As with most hides, you have to kill the creature to obtain the hide. In order to get the Troll Hide in Valheim, you have to kill Trolls found in the Black forest.

How to Get Wood in Valheim    

This is probably the simplest resource to get as they are obtained from trees and are available in Meadows, Black forest, or Swamp biome. You can get Wood by chopping trees.

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