Valheim – How to Craft Banded Shield, Fire Arrow, Flint Spear, Flint Knife

The first weapon you would craft in Valheim is the Stone Axe is hardly suitable as you progress in the game and venture into the Dark Forest. There are all types of creatures that require you to wield a more powerful and effective weapon. The game has a wide range of weapons for both melee and ranged attacks. Some foes would require ranged weapons while others can be dealt with the melee. Keep scrolling and we will show you how to craft Banded Shield, Fire Arrow, Flint Spear, and Flint Knife in Valheim.

How to Craft Banded Shield in Valheim

The Banded Shield is the upgrade of the wood shield you would have obtained initially. It can block a max damage of 30 and can be crafted at the Forge. You can unlock the recipe for the shield when you acquire Iron.

To craft the Banded Shield in Valheim, you require 5 Wood and 8 Iron.

How to Craft Fire Arrow in Valheim

The Fire Arrow is similar to the wood arrow in terms of the damage it deals, but as it’s lit with fire, it also includes the burn damage. Hence, it’s a superior option to the wood arrow. The stats of the arrow is Pierce capacity of 5.

The Fire Arrow can be crafted in Valheim at the Workbench and requires 2 Wood and 2 Resin.

How to Craft Flint Spear in Valheim

The Flint Spear is a great ranged weapon and after some aiming practise, it can play a crucial role while hunting and taking down deer. With just one throw, you can take down a deer with the spear. The spear has both pierce and block stats. The boasts a Block of 50% or 15 damage and has a Pierce of 15.

You also craft the Flint Spear at the Workbench and requires resources 5 Wood and 4 Flint.

How to Craft Flint Knife in Valheim

There are three types of weapons made out of flint, the Flint Arrow, Flint Spear, and the Flint Knife. The knife is a quick weapon and deals a decent amount of slash, pierce, and block. While not the ideal weapon for hunting, it has its uses in the game. If you use this weapon on a Greydwarf, it would take four hits to kill it.

The Flint Knife has Slash of 4, Pierce 4, and Blocks 50% or 20 damage.

To craft the Flint Knife in Valheim, you need the Workbench and the recipe requires materials 2 Wood and 4 Flint.

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