Valheim Butcher Knife – How to Get and Use

Valheim Butcher Knife - How to Get and Use

After the massive success of Valheim, the game has gone off the radar with no new updates, but the much-awaited Hearth and Home update is here and it’s brought a lot of new things to the game including the Butcher Knife. A knife that will allow you to carve the farm animals for resources. Prior to the patch, you could use your fighting weapons to harvest the animals, but that’s not allowed anymore. Instead, you need a Valheim Butcher Knife.

We are so far into the game that almost all players would have tamed animals that they would need to carve, but as that requires a special weapon now, you need to know how to make Butcher Knife in Valheim.

How to make Butcher Knife in Valheim

You do not have to grind the game at all to make the Butcher Knife. It’s made from the most basic of resources and unless you are just starting with the game, you already know much of the process. Nevertheless, we will walk you down the path. To make a Butcher Knife in Valheim, you require three resources – 2 Wood, 4 Tin, and a Forge.

Finding wood is the simplest task in the game as basically all the worlds are filled with them, especially the first few biomes. You simply need to pick branches or cut trees. Tin may require a bit of work, but nothing of a hassle. You would have already traversed the worlds of the game. You can find Tin Ore deposits along the coastlines of the Black Forest.

Once you have Tin Ore, head to the Smelter and combine the Tin Ore and Coal to make Tin. So, after you have the two resources in the required quantity, head to the Forge to make the Butcher Knife.

How Is Butcher Knife Used in Valheim

As for the use, you probably have a pretty good idea about it. But, what you may not know is that the Butcher Knife can only be used to kill tamed animals, they are not of any use against a wild animal or in a fight. As for the damage, it is a pretty powerful weapon, but sadly you cannot take it to a sword fight. The Butcher Knife deals a damage of 500.

With one swing of the knife, you can even finish off the largest tamable animal in the game the Lox.

So, that’s all about the Valheim Butcher Knife and how to get and use it.      

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