Valheim – Best Seed to Find Haldor

Valheim - Best Seed to Find Haldor

Haldor is one of the few NPC in the game that has eluded a large number of players. It been nearly 2 weeks since the release of Valheim and there are players who still have not been able to locate the moving vendor of the game. This is hampering the progress of the players as they cannot obtain some of the essential items such as increase carry capacity, Ymir’s Flesh, and fishing accessories. If you are in the same predicament, we have the best seed to find Haldor in Valheim. Keep scrolling to know more.

Valheim – Best Seed to Find Haldor

The complete experience of Valheim is to play it the way developers designed it and not to use seeds. Under desperate situations you may require help. Don’t worry, we have the best seed that can help you locate the vendor. Before you find him though have sufficient Gold Coins, we suggest more than 1000 to purchase any item you desire.

Now the best seed to find Haldor in Valheim is 42069lolxd. Simply type the code and start the world of Valheim. Once you spawn into the game, head towards south-east and go along the cost. Once you enter the Black Forest biome, you find the merchant. When he is close, you will see a coin bag icon on the map. So, as you enter the forest, watch the map for the icon.

The seed will help you locate the vendor, but you still have to deal with the mobs that come in way, so don’t be in haste, deal with them and eventually you will find the vendor.

Haldor in Valheim

Here are a list of things that the vendor has to offer and their cost.

  • Ymir’s Flesh – 120 Gold Coins
  • Yule Hat – 100 Gold Coins
  • Fishing Rod – 350 Gold Coins
  • Fishing Bait – 10 Coins for 50 Bait
  • Megingjord – 950 Gold Coins
  • Dverger Circlet – 620 Coins

All of the items are essential in the game and have their own use. The first thing you should consider purchasing is the Ymir’s Flesh to craft Iron Sledgehammer. With the fishing rod and bait, you can get Fish Meat which provide a high stamina and health boost.

If you purchase Megingjord, you can increase the carrying capacity, and Dverger Circlet grants visibility in the dark. That’s all we have in this guide, check out the game category for more informative guides and tips and tricks to play the game.

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    1. this was not helpful at all. I tried the seed 3 times, ran all around the coast lines for 2.5 hours in total. Horrible explanations as well. “head south-east and go along the coast” ???????? GO WHAT WAY ALONG THE COAST? It doesnt even matter, because I followed the coast both ways 3 times and I didnt find shit

      1. Head South East past the mountains along the coast until you see an island across the sea. You should be able to get to it without a raft if you swim with a full stam bar and at least 3 foods. There is a little peninsula but the merchant is a short walk straight into the middle of that island. You should also notice the fur and pine trees of the black forest.

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