Valheim 101 – Quick Tips to Play the Game

Valheim 101 - Quick Tips to Play the Game

Like several of our guides on the game, we also set out to answer some quick questions that users may be having as to trophies, healing or potions, dragon eggs, etc. in Valheim. While there is a quick answer to the question in this post, you can expect a completely new post dedicated to healing and potions that we’ll do later after we experience and know the game better. We’ll also do a guide on weapon types and mobs to use them on. But, until then, scroll down to know the answer to some questions you might have about the game.

Answers about Trophies, Healing, Potions, Cauldron, and Dragon Eggs in Valheim

As with any survival game, there are a number of elements in the game that you need to watch out for. At the beginning all of it can be overwhelming. To ease the process of getting accustomed to the mechanics of the game refer to out guides.

How to make potions in Valheim?

This guide is user generated and not 100% accurate. Please refer How to Craft Potions

Like most survival games, there are creatures in the Valheim that can kill you. As such, you would require to heal yourself. In order to heal your damage, you need to make potions. And to make potions, you require Cauldron. When the Cauldron is placed on the Forge over a fire, it makes potions.

But, first you need to unlock the Cauldrons and the Fermenter. As for cauldrons, you can unlock them when you smelt Tin Ore. You can make the Fermenter using a cooking pot. Make the mend base in the cooking pot and use that as the fermenter. Put the Cauldron in the Fermenter over the Forge fire to make potions.

How to sacrifice trophies in Valheim?

When you spawn in the game at the start, it’s a circle with the stone where you need to put the trophy. There are several hooks, the right trophy has to go in the right hook for it to work. You can try one hook at a time until the sacrifice works. If you are wondering how to summon Eikthyr. The answer is it takes two male deer heads.

How do you plant trees in Valheim?

For a more accurate and informative guide on farming and planting trees refer How to Farm in Valheim

We have already discussed this question in one of our other guides on how to plant seed. Both planting seeds and trees require the Cultivator tool made using the Forge. . It uses bronze. The forge need copper to make and you make bronze with copper and tin. Once you have made the Cultivator, you can use it to plant seeds of all kinds in the ground.

What to do with Dragon Egg in Valheim?

Dragon eggs are used to summon the Moder. Refer this guide – How to Beat Moder

A number of players have found the Dragon Egg in the game and are wondering what they can do with it. If you are wondering and don’t mind the spoiler, the Dragon Egg can be used to summon the final boss in the game. You can of course also use it as decoration if you find the right item stand.  

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