V Rising’s Best Base Sites: Map Locations And Resources

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V Rising allow players to settle down among the rolling hills and create sheer anarchy, but the location of your base can have a significant influence on how your empire’s expansion plays out.

As any survival game enthusiast will tell you, choosing where to establish your base is one of the most critical decisions you will have to make. Do you place it near resources, somewhere easy to defend, or perhaps on purpose in a high-level area of the map

All of those elements, and more, must be considered in making that selection. Naturally, V Rising is no exception in this sense. If you’ve been debating where to set up shop in V Rising, this guide can help you narrow down your options.

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Best Base Sites in V Rising

We’ve included our top three base sites in V Rising below: Cursed Forest, Dunley Farmlands, and Silverlight Hills. We’ve considered the many resources accessible to you and why they’ll be vital to your reign of terror.

We recommend that you develop on any of the regions highlighted in black since these are great locations for growth. Of course, any field can suffice, but these places are ideal as your castle expands with its Castle Heart.

Dunley Farmlands

Dunley Farmlands, set among rolling emerald hills and turquoise waterways, is our pick for individuals who haven’t played many survival games. You may readily collect quartz, iron, cotton, and other needs from the Dunley Monastery, which is surrounded by Silverlight Hills and the Cursed Forest and its accompanying resources.

Quartz, iron and cotton are abundant.Simple to attack.
Glass, quartz, scrolls, and Mourning Lily may be obtained from the Dunley Monastery.Quartz and iron can be found in other places.
The central location allows for quick access to Silverlight Hills, the Cursed Forest, and the Starting Zone quests.
Entrance to the Haunted Iron Mine.
Easy for Beginners.

Cursed Forest

The Cursed Forest is the riskiest and most rewarding of our three options. Clearing a region swarming with deadly monsters just waiting to tear you apart is a reasonably challenging undertaking – but it’s definitely worth it.

Because of all the animals, this is an excellent hunting spot.Fighting past hordes of high-level adversaries to set your shop is a challenging task.
Has a high iron content.Silverlight Hills, the location of swaths of silver, is located at the opposite end of the map, making it a long journey there and back.
The fauna is dangerous enough to deter intruders.Not suitable for beginners.
Ideal for gamers aiming to go to the endgame.

Silverlight Hills

You’ve probably heard a lot about Silverlight Hills because it’s the only source of silver in the game (hence its name). It’s also home to several terrifying beasts that can be used to defend your valuables.

The only place that has silver.Removed from the Cursed Forest.
Has some of the greatest servants in the game, making them ideal for guarding your base.Not suitable for beginners.
Ideal for gamers who enjoy the endgame. 

So they are the greatest starting points in V Rising; from these three civilizational centres, you may spread your power and annihilate the living for good.

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