How to Get Pristine Hide in V Rising – Location and Use

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If you have played survival games before, you are already aware that featuring numerous resources is one of the common features in survival games. As a survival game, though V Rising differs from other games in some aspects, it has some common elements as well, and featuring several resources is one of them.

Pristine Hide is one of the resources players get in V Rising, which is required to make Pristine Leather. This guide will help you know the location of Pristine Hide in V Rising.

Location of Pristine Hide in V Rising- How to Gather and Use?

Pristine Hide is not a rare resource but a challenging one to get.  To get Pristine Hide, you need to kill Werewolves whom you’ll find at the end of Dunley Farmland and the start of Cursed Forest in the Gloomgrave Village. These villagers are outcasts from Dunley Farmland as all villagers turn into Warewolf at night. One run to this place and you will be set. Each wolf drops 100 pristine hide. Don’t take all of them at once, draw one or two out and deal with them.

Another way to get Pristine Hide is to hunt large animals in Cursed Forest. But both these ways are challenging, and you need a lot of Pristine Hide to make a piece of Pristine Leather in V Rising. There is no other use of Pristine Hide in the game.

Once you get enough Pristine Hide, gather some Fish Oil to make Pristine Leather. Pristine Leather needs 13 Pristine Hide and 3 Fish Oil to be put into a Tannery. To get Fish Oil, you need to proceed to the southwest side of Dunley Farmlands and visit the Mosswick Village. Once you collected all the required items and put them into Tannery, it takes some time to get the Pristine Leather.

That’s all you need to know about the location and use of Pristine Hide in V Rising. Pristine Leather can be used to make various items. Therefore, if you want to make Pristine Leather and looking for Pristine Hide, check out our guide for required information.

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