V Rising: How to Craft Dark Silver Ingots

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In V Rising, Dark Silver Ingots are a Tier 3 resource. They become significant in the endgame and are common in higher-tier weapons, armour, and equipment. From gathering basic resources to manufacturing, crafting Dark Silver Ingots in V Rising requires multiple phases.

Dark Silver Ingots are required in the endgame of V Rising to construct armour, weapons, and other things. In this guide, we explain to you where to obtain silver, how to process it, and how to make the ingots.

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Crafting Dark Silver Ingots

Following are the various methods for crafting Dark Silver Ingots.

  • Crafting Scourgestones

Scourgestones, which you already require for T2 armour, weapons, and tools, are one of the primary elements for Dark Silver Ingots. Each Ressource in the Furnace is required to produce a Scourgestone: 

  1. 1 Stone for sharpening
  2. 4 Glasses
  3. 4 Grave Dust
  • Defeating Octavia The Militia Captian

To obtain the Dark Silver Ingot recipe, locate the level 58 V-Blood boss Octavia the Militia Captain near your Blood Altar. He may be found at the Bastion of Dunley, northeast of Dunley Farmlands. When you beat him, you gain a new ability, the anvil, new armour and weapons, and the Dark Silver Ingot recipe.

  • Finding Silver

Silver, the basic material for Dark Silver Ingots, can only be found in the Silverlight Hills. Individual silver ore occurrences can be found across the region. However, if you want to cultivate silver specifically, you must travel further north. The Sacred Silver Mine, which is rich in silver ore, may be found there.

But beware: mining silver will cause you to suffer harm over time, just as it does with silver coins. The mine is also guarded by the church, and you will face some powerful opponents. Once you’ve harvested enough silver ore, you may utilise the Scourgestones to create Dark Silver Ingots in your base’s Furnace. For each ingot required:

  1. 20 Silver ore 
  2. 1 Scourge Bar

So you may make the dark silver ingot using the methods described above. If you haven’t tried them yet, go ahead and try them.

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