V Rising: How to Build a Grinder

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V Rising, an isometric survival game by Stunlock Studios, casts players in the position of a vampire who has awoken after centuries of hibernation. To replenish your power through blood consumption, you must protect yourself from the outside world, its surroundings, and the sun’s blistering beams.

The Grinder machine will be unlocked for all players during the tutorial, saving time spent looking for a blueprint or fighting a boss to obtain it. This piece of equipment is possibly the most significant since it can be used to create a range of materials such as stone bricks and stone dust.

Restoring your Castle is a difficult task, but having a Grinder on your grounds can assist you in producing the materials required to fortify your deathly castle. This article will teach you how to make a Grinder, as well as the resources you’ll need and how to utilise them in V Rising.

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How to Set Up Grinder in V Rising

To construct a Grinder on your property, go to the Refinement category under the Production tab of the Building menu. The Castle Heart is required to power up the Grinder, which is required to create materials for crafting.

Following are the materials required to build a Grinder:

Following are the steps for building a Grinder:

  • The resources needed to create the Grinder, such as copper ingots and wooden planks, are reasonably easy to get. However, whetstones are more difficult to obtain. 
  • You may plunder Whetstones in bandit locations, and you can determine which bandit camp has the highest quantities of Whetstones by utilising the filer option on the map.
  • Whetstones require a furnace to be crafted, and the map may be obtained after defeating Grayson the Armorer in Farbane Woods. After constructing a Grinder, you may make Whetstones, which require stone dust and a Copper Ingot.
  • With the required resources in hand, return to the Refinement category and browse through the equipment until you find the Grinder. Choose the equipment and position it wherever you like on your land, ideally near the Castle Heart.
  • You’ll need a Grinder for this since you’ll require materials like stone bricks for the Castle’s walls. Once you’ve completed the mission’s goals, you’ll be able to access a new crafting map that will aid you in reinforcing your Castle and avoiding sunburn.

The Grinder is critical to your progress in the Building a Castle quest, which requires you to finish any area or room in your Castle. This may be accomplished by erecting floors and walls and covering them with a roof.

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